Join the 2015 FitWorth Challenge!

A healthier workplace starts with you. FitWorth is launching an exciting opportunity to kick-start your company’s wellness efforts in the new year, and we’d like to challenge you to accept this challenge and join the friendly fray. The 2015 FitWorth Challenge runs from February 2nd through March 13th  and is open to every community member we reach. Visit our Events page to learn more today!


A community can’t thrive when its members aren’t choosing a healthy way of life. Thirty percent of the Fort Worth population is overweight, a troubling indicator for our children’s future health. Obese children are more likely to become obese adults, putting them at greater risk for developing heart disease and diabetes. Health problems such as these affect a community’s quality of life and productivity — making FitWorth a vital priority for businesses, families, and community leaders.