Our Impact

We know that numbers don’t mean everything and people matter most.  But when those numbers reflect children and families that are moving more and eating healthier, we can move toward real change.

  • 23,000 challenge participants Fort Worth honored as Wellness Capital
  • 1603 average minutes of activity per person in our 2014 challenge
  • 7,375 total pounds Lost in 10-Week Wellness Challenge
  • 258 newly registered kids sponsored for the Cowtown Marathon from 15 schools
  • 255 kids sponsored for the Zoo Run
  • 10,000 tastings served at Cowtown Culinary Showcase
  • 1,063 children participating in the 2014 Summer Challenge
  • 2013 culinary competition: 12 teams of 4–48 students
  • 2014 culinary competition: 24 teams of 4–96 students

Impact Investment Model

FitWorth is a grassroots movement that depends upon the time, treasure, and talent of our community. The investment of financial, human, and social capital empowers us to increase participation in our programs, empowering role models and increasing behavioral awareness.

The impact of these programs is reflected in the economic value of a healthier current and future workforce, a shared commitment to the social responsibility of wellness initiatives, and true behavioral change.

A 2010 study published by Health Affairs found that every dollar invested in a wellness program yielded an average of $3.27 in healthcare savings, and every dollar invested in reducing absenteeism yielded an average of $2.73 in savings.

Obesity cost Texas businesses $9.5 billion in 2009. A study from The Trust for America’s Health reported that “the average total health cost for a child treated for obesity under private insurance is $3,743, while the average health cost for all children covered by private insurance is $1,108” – a $2,635 difference. Healthy behaviors account for 50% of what makes children healthy, so FitWorth’s behavior change accounts for up to $1317.50 in savings per child/year. When divided up by 12 months, given that FitWorth typically engages each child for up to one month, the direct savings is $109.00 per child.

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