We are facing a crisis. Today, more than 50 percent of Tarrant County students are overweight. We’re raising a generation of children with lower life expectancies than their parents. This situation is unacceptable. As mayor, I’m asking you to become part of a movement to live better and happier and to have more fun by making health an integral part of your day, every day.

FitWorth is a campaign to encourage people to consume healthier foods and increase their physical activity each day. We want people involved in outdoor events, food revolutions, and team competitions.

FitWorth is about making healthier choices. And we’re working diligently to encourage employers, schools, hospitals, government officials, faith communities, nonprofits, and retailers to support FitWorth and halt the trend toward obesity.

We want to thank our initial sponsor, Oncor, for believing in this movement. With its funding, we have started projects with FWISD and area employers to help people develop healthy habits.

Working with schools and employers is foundational, but we also address activity levels and access to healthy food at home. FitWorth conducts family-based programs and also helps promote a multitude of partner organizations that offer free and low-cost opportunities to move and learn about nutrition.

Join the FitWorth movement today!

Betsy Price