FitWorth Fuel is focused on the importance of a colorful plate for vitality and activity, providing local resources and showcases for young people to engage their families in healthy eating. This program educates through coordinating nutrition-based resources and partnering with local organizations to increase equal access to healthy foods.

Culinary Competition & Showcases: The annual FitWorth Culinary Competition, hosted at the CALF 5K, features local high school culinary arts students in a competition to create a nutritious and affordable menu item — breakfast, snack, or entrée. This event engages local celebrity chefs as role models for the students, while empowering the high school participants to act as role models for young runners and the community through a series of showcases.

Kid’s Challenges: How much can healthy behaviors change a kid’s life? That’s what FitWorth Kids is finding out through multiple programs with area students. More than 30,000 kids take part in the initiatives — learning to be role models through healthy eating and physical activity, tracking their exercise, fruit and vegetable consumption, and more.

Utilizing the FitTrack technology, the Summer Challenge in the community centers and Fall Challenge in the elementary and middle schools, engages children in tracking their physical activity and consumption of fruits, vegetables, and water. These challenges create a habit-forming structure by challenging children to try something new for a set period of time and be rewarded for making positive choices.