RELEASE: Twenty-Nine Fort Worth Restaurants Participate in FitWorth Restaurant Crawl

FitWorth will host its second annual healthy Restaurant Crawl Week, from February 29th – March 5th, to promote an interactive, social opportunity for community members to try healthy menu options around Fort Worth. Twenty-nine local restaurants will be featured on walkable, bikeable, and devourable routes around town, including a Mean Green vegetarian route, a Cowboy Trail protein-packed route, and a Bikeable Bites tour of restaurants located near Fort Worth Bike Sharing stations.

This family-friendly event is geared toward deliciously healthier choices, celebrating the FitWorth Corporate Challenge. This is just one of the bonus activities FitWorth Corporate Challenge participants can engage their families and friends in the effort to raise awareness of the healthy options Fort Worth already has to offer.

FitWorth partners with these restaurants year-round, through the Fuel program, which works with local high-school students to create and champion original healthy culinary creations. Chefs, owners, and restaurant managers partner with FitWorth to educate high-school students about the nutritional components of recipe development, which culminates in the annual FitWorth Fuel Cook-Off. This event features a live culinary competition, in which the winners receive funding for new culinary equipment and are featured in community showcase events as role models and ambassadors, including the Cowtown Marathon and Friends of the River Party on the Plaza.

The FitWorth Restaurant Crawl is just one platform for promoting the dedication of the restaurant community to the health of Fort Worth and engages more than 2,000 participants each year. FitWorth was designed to function as a catalyst for existing community resources, generating momentum for more movement and healthier choices, and this year’s restaurant crawl will take that effort to new levels.

By celebrating dishes that restaurants already offer on their menus, this event is not about reinventing the wheel, but by getting people to step up to the plate of choices that are already available.


FitWorth is a movement created in 2012 to inspire a community-wide cultural shift toward increased physical activity and healthy nutritional choices in Fort Worth. By providing tools for role model empowerment and behavioral awareness, FitWorth aims to act as a hub of coordinated and collaborative community resources, to generate momentum for a healthier future for Fort Worth.

About FitWorth Healthy City Initiative:

FitWorth is a family-focused initiative of Mayor Betsy Price and the Fort Worth City Council launched in September 2012 to address the growing trend of childhood obesity in the city. In 2014, FitWorth became an independent program of Foundation for Wellness, Texas, tasked with promoting health and active lifestyles through an individualized and sustainable approach to community wellness.

Release Date:
February 24th, 2016