River Bash- New Foodie Finds!

Contributed  by Ambriale Davis

Streams & Valleys organized this years’ Friends of the River Bash. Participants began the night with a 5k route along the Trinity River and ended with a party sponsored by Clearfork’s Heart of the Ranch. Over 30 local restaurants came together to provide food and drink samples to participants. The live band gave great accompaniment to the lively environment of patrons making their way through the vendors.

FitWorth had the opportunity to sponsor culinary students from Trimble Tech High School and Crowley’s Bill R. Johnson CTE Center. Students served their own unique health conscious recipes they crafted during the school year. Guests raved over the students’ cauliflower queso, black bean brownies, and gazpacho. Not only did the students get to share their creations with Fort Worth residents, but they also utilized this event to network with professionals in the food service industry. Our ability to provide occasions for professional development while immersing students into the Fort Worth community are valuable experiences that go beyond what’s available in the classroom. If you’d like to try dishes prepared by the culinary students, the recipes are listed below. Send us pictures of your cuisines to the FitWorth FaceBook page!

Release Date:
November 1st, 2018