Become a FitWorth sponsor today and change our city by creating a culture of healthy eating and physical activity.

FitWorth Friend — $50,000 and above

Logo featured on public broadcasts and billboard ads, the home page of the website, FitWorth shirts, and all marketing materials. Messaging included in press opportunities and speaking engagements.

Sponsorship at this level supports educational awareness and the power of the media to promote healthy change in our community. Your support gives FitWorth the power to spread our message throughout the community.

FitWorth Champion — $35,000 and above

Logo featured on the home page of the website and promotional items, podium time at events, and inclusion in all marketing materials.

Champions are our sustaining sponsors, who have the power to truly shape the culture of our community by partnering with FitWorth to provide backbone support for multiple projects.

FitWorth Pacesetter — $25,000

Logo featured on the sponsorships page of the website and applicable marketing materials.

Pacesetters support pinpointed programs with schools and family-friendly events to directly engage with the heart of Fort Worth — our children. This category sets the pace for a future of wellness through our FitWorth Kids Challenges, educational materials, and summer programs with Fort Worth community centers, nonprofit organizations, and public libraries.

FitWorth Track Star — $15,000

Logo featured on the sponsorships page of the website. Reaching adult role models and parents is key to holistic change for school-age kids.

FitWorth employer-based programs are both motivational and educational. Track Star sponsors will be involved with Fit Worth Track, an individualized online tracking dashboard, Fit15 walks at work, and team-based challenge programs throughout the year.

FitWorth Foodie — $10,000

Listed on sponsorships page of the website and social media promotion.

Healthy eating is a choice, but sometimes it’s a hard one to make. FitWorth inspires families to incorporate more fruits and vegetables in their daily diet through a series of cooking competitions, classes, demonstrations, and challenges. This sponsor’s support can be laser-focused and recognized during all food related-initiatives throughout the year.

FitWorth Coach — $5,000

Listed on sponsorships page of the website.

FitWorth is successful whenever one person makes a healthy choice to move or eat better. Spreading the message through promotional opportunities and volunteer engagement is the foundation of any grassroots initiative.