Saturday Fun

This Saturday FitWorth took part in Clearfork’s weekly Farmer’s Market. Local farmers and gardeners, coffee roasters, and food vendors gathered at the Trailhead to engage with individuals, groups, and families taking advantage of the sunny fall weather. Along with casual strollers and dog walkers shopping for nutritious food options, there were a variety of free group exercises taking place like youth running groups, yoga, and circuit training. We promoted the It’s Time Texas Challenge that starts January 7th, 2019. Whether you are already taking place in healthy activities or wanting to get a head start on your New Year’s Resolution, the challenge’s early registration allows you to start now! Those visiting the trail were eager to download the app and register immediately. Come out to the trail on December 8th, 2019 to hear more about the challenge, participate in group activities, and shop for local nutritious foods.


Release Date:
November 11th, 2018