FitWorth Coaches College Bound Seniors

Contributed to by: Ambriale Davis


The Young Women’s Leadership Academy held their annual Three Pillars Conference on November 16th, 2018. Speakers from various professional backgrounds spoke to groups of girls, ranging from 6thto 12thgrade, throughout the day on the three pillars: college, career, and health/wellness. FitWorth had the privilege to present on maintaining health and wellness in college. The young ladies had open ears and wide eyes while listening to the various ways college affects one’s physical, social, and mental health. Although for some college seemed like a distant dream, they remained eager to learn what they could do now to practice living a healthy lifestyle. Some topics presented were making quick and affordable meals, creating a physical activity routine, practicing self-care, and forming positive peer relationships. Each group of girls shared their fears and intimidations surrounding the idea of college. Common themes were financial resources, grades, falling into peer pressure, and making friends. They found common ground with each other in these fears. This created a safe environment for them to ask questions and voice further concerns. At the end of the day the girls expressed gratitude for the information presented to them as well as the honest dialogue they were able to have.

Release Date:
November 29th, 2018