The goal of FitWorth’s Play initiative is to increase opportunities for underserved children to participate in lifelong sports and act as role models for their families and community. This program educates by promoting tracking opportunities to foster behavioral awareness and team-building physical activity challenges.

FitWorth Sports: This sponsorship program funds youth participation in local runs, including running shoes and shared entry-fee costs at the CALF 5K and Zoo Run. It connects with local running clubs to help create a community based on participation in lifelong sports.

FitTrack: Get your fitness on track with FitTrack. An individualized online tracking tool for activity and food choices, FitTrack facilitates healthier options by providing menu plans, recipes, grocery sales, and challenges launched with various market partners in the community to incentivize positive and powerful change.

FitWorth Challenges: Using the FitTrack platform throughout the year, FitWorth sponsors team-based, incentivized competitions for families and corporations. Regular motivation and educational components help individuals make healthy choices during these timed events, turning these choices  into life-changing habits.